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You should use this online system if:

  • You want your student to attend a school other than your neighborhood school.
  • You’d like to transfer your student to a different SPS school.
  • You live in a different school district and would like your student to attend an SPS school.

If you would like to attend your neighborhood school or are new to SPS, please follow the steps on the Register page. Find your neighborhood school here.

Spokane Public Schools is studying and recommending boundary changes districtwide. That process will include a review of the current procedures regarding choice transfer students, which may result in changes to admittance and year-to-year continuation practices.

Special Services or Accommodations

If your child has special needs or is in need of special services and/or accommodations (504 planExternal Link, IEPExternal Link, English Language DevelopmentExternal Link, Health Care PlanExternal Link, Homeless/HEARTExternal Link) please be sure to check the box next to "Will this student need special education or 504 services?" during the application process.

Before he or she is offered a seat at the school you are requesting, a meeting must take place to make sure the new school has the appropriate classrooms/services to meet your student's needs. If you receive a conditional offer of enrollment, a team will meet with you to determine the correct placement for your student. Behavior Intervention (BI) and Designed Instruction (DI) classrooms are not available at every SPS school.

Timeline for 2018-19 application process

1/1/2019 - Window opens

Families can start their application for the first-round lottery.

2/15/2019 - Window closes

The first-round applications will be reviewed in preparation for the lottery.

2/18/2019 - Applications randomized

Priority is given in the following order:

  1. Last year's overload students (those who were bussed to a different site).
  2. Neighborhood students (if a neighborhood school).
  3. Children of SPS employees working full-time at the school (additional criteria may apply, see Procedure 3131)
  4. Siblings of currently enrolled students.
  5. In-district applicants.
  6. Out-of-district applicants.

2/19/2019 - Offers from special schools begin

Any school that is not a neighborhood school will begin filling positions from their application list. This will continue until all positions have been filled.

2/19/2019 - Waitlists begin

As schools fill their slots, you will see your application status change from pending to waitlisted. If positions open during the school year, the schools will offer the student currently at the top of their waitlist the open spot, moving down the list until the offer has been accepted.

2/19/2019 - Window re-opens

Applications submitted during this period will be placed after the lottery applications in the order they were submitted.

March 2019 - Kindergarten registration begins

Students who are starting kindergarten for the 19-20 school year must register at their neighborhood school (or where they have been accepted). For more information, see Register.

6/1/2019 - Offers from neighborhood schools expected to begin

Please note that the waiting lists for each school will remain in effect through this school year. If a school administrator determines that their school can enroll more students, you may receive a call that space is available for your student. Each school has the right to accept or deny applications for students outside of their school boundary based on their current enrollment situation.

8/29/2019 - School starts for grades 1-12

9/4/2019 - School starts for Kindergarten

To allow kindergarten teachers and parents time for Family Connections conferences.